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Delray Beach's top rated Ramen resturant

Our ramen is a hearty bowl of hot broth filled with fresh ramen noodles,
toppings and garnishes, all made to order.
It will taste like you stepped back into Japan.

Our testimonials

What Our Happy Clients say about us

Brian R. Boca Raton, FL

Excellent authentic Japanese ramen, they stick to the basics and execute it well. They have real Japanese beer, and the appetizer, these well made fritter balls, were outstanding, and big enough to share. They have real Japanese beer, as opposed to Sapporo (Budweiser's Van Nuys Ca plant) and Kirin, Molson without the moose antlers. They could use one more quality Japanese beer.

Gustavo C. Boca Raton, FL

FINALLY, some REAL Japanese Ramen! The other place nearby with the fake Ramen is not even close...
We love that you can add extra noodles, extra pork, etc. to your order.
It's great fun to watch the Ramen preparation; you can see the kitchen over the bar...
The food quality is superb. The noodles are al dente and seem homemade. The pork is perfectly cooked, juicy and tender with the perfect chasiu flavor. The shoyu broth is perfect. The tonkotsu broth is very rich.

Felica Queen Head Waiter

My wife and I stopped in on a Saturday afternoon to this new Ramen restaurant and were absolutely delighted by the stellar Ramen made at this small restaurant. We have had Ramen in many metropolitan areas as well as in Kyoto and this place has a level of quality that is astounding. Per the owner, all the ingredients are fresh and preparation is meticulous. My tonkotsu was perfect with notes of ginger, pork that melts in your mouth, perfect rich broth.